Activity scoring

mAuthor offers three different types of scoring for all activity modules embedded in a presentation page. Each module sends back the following information:

  • the total possible score, including answer point values,
  • the obtained score calculated on the basis of answer point values (not the number of correct answers),
  • the number of incorrect answers (errors).

This feature can be set in the Properies menu of each Page module by selecting a relevant option in the Score Type property:

1. percentage – the percentage score is the ratio between the obtained score and the total possible score; incorrect answers (errors) or not selected answers do not affect the percentage score (are not deducted from the overall result).

2. zeroOne – a user can get a score only when all selected answers are 100% correct and there are no mistakes/errors made. For example, in the multiple choice module it is necessary to select all answers correctly; if a user selects, e.g. 3 answers out of 4 correctly, there will be no score.

3. minusErrors – all errors/mistakes made are deducted from the overall result. The score is calculated individually for each activity module on a page depending on the answer point value set for a given module. For example, multiple choice module has 2 correct answers for 5 points each and a user chooses one correct and one incorrect answer. The correct answer is worth 5 points and the incorrect answer costs the user -1 point (the value of each "penalty point" is always 1), which gives the overall result of 4 points.

Page weight

Be default, each reportable page in a lesson has the same weight. The weight can be changed in the Properties menu of each Page by selecting a relevant option in the Scoring Weight Mode property:

1. defaultWeight – the page weight is equal to 1.

2. maxPageScore – the page weight is equal to the sum of the max scores of all activities on the page.

3. custom – the page weight is equal to the value defined in the Custom Scoring Value property.

Group scoring

Creating a group of modules makes it possible to give it its own Group's Score Type. The group has 4 modes to calculate its score: Default, Zero to Max, Gradually to Max and Minus Errors.


  • Default – the group score uses the Page scoring mode (Normal, minusErros, zeroOne),

  • Zero to Max – This mode activates the Group's Max Score property (the maximum score for this group). The score of the modules that belong to the group is calculated when all modules have 100%, if not, the group score is 0,

  • Gradually To Max - This mode activates the Group's Max Score property (the maximum score for this group). The group's score is between 0 and the value defined in the Group's Max Score property.

  • Minus Errors - Group score is calculated by subtracting actual errors count from the actual score. Group score can't be below 0.

The Group's Max Score property allows you to insert a value that defines the group's max score. For example, if the group's maximum score is 10 points, and the Group's Max Score property is defined as 5, a user will get 5 points for solving all exercises correctly and 2 points for solving only a half of them (rounding down).