This Addon allows conducting a competition and scoring the points won by multiple teams. Number of teams, their names and points can be modified in the lesson's runtime.

Addon Scoreboard has two modes of working:

  • One-page mode
  • Multiple-page mode

One-page mode – is turned on if Variable Storage id property is empty.
Multiple-page mode – is turned on if Variable Storage id property is fulfilled and Variable Storage is correctly configured.

Multiple-page mode configuration

To configure Scoreboard to work in multiple-page mode, it is necessary to add Variable Storage addon to Common part of the lesson (header/footer). It can be added either in header or footer. If Variable Storage addon was placed in the footer, it is necessary to change the default Variable Storage location and properties so that they refer to the new Variable Storage location correctly. By default, the values refer to Variable Storage located in the header.

Next step is to copy the created Scoreboard addon and paste it on each page where it is supposed to be usd in multiple-page mode. If the configuration is correct, Scoreboard should store values between the lesson pages in the Variable Storage addon.

Multiple-page mode with IWB_Toolbar integration

To integrate Scoreboard with IWB_Toolbar it is important to check "Has custom button" property and enter the following show() and hide() commands on Scoreboard addon inside IWB_Toolbar: "On custom button selected" and "On custom button deselected".

Example "On custom button selected" property:;

Example "On custom button deselected" property:


Scoreboard1 in the examples above refers to Scoreboard addon id. To handle "deselect" of the custom button when Scoreboard is closed manually, it is necessary to add Advanced Connector.

Details can be found in the penultimate subsection "Advanced Connector integration". It is also recommended to hide the Scoreboard addon initially as the custom button is not selected by default.


The list starts with the common properties, learn more about them by visiting the Modules description section. The other available properties are described below.

Property name Description
Variable Storage id Default: (Variable_Storage1). Id of Variable Storage addon used for storing Scoreboard state in multiple-page mode.
Is draggable Default: (Checked). The checked property sets Scoreboard drag ability on this concrete page. When the property is unchecked addon will not be draggable on this page.
Variable Storage location Default: (header). Placement of Variable Storage addon in lesson when multiple-page mode is supported. The choice is between: (Default) header, footer.
Variable Storage location name Default: (header). Specific name of place where Variable Storage addon was placed. This property refers to "Name" property inside header or footer.
Initial number of teams Initial number of teams which will be added to Scoreboard on addon first appearance.
Initial list of teams List of object with teams properties: Team name (Name of initial team which will be used if new team will be added), Team colour(The color of team which is used to show team in addon; specified in '#RRGGBB' notation).
Maximum number of teams Maximum number of teams which can be added to Scoreboard.

Supported commands

Command name Params Description
hide --- Hides the addon.
show --- Shows the addon.


Scoreboard close event

When Scoreboard addon is closed, it sends the 'ValueChanged' event. It can be supported with Advanced Connector.

Field name Description
source addon ID
value HideScoreboard

Advanced Connector integration

Scoreboard 'ValueChanged' event can be used in the Advanced Connector addon's scripts. A common use case triggers deselectCustomButton command on IWB_Toolbar addon to deselect the custom button.

        var iwbToolbar= presenter.playerController.getModule('IWB_Toolbar1');

Demo presentation

Demo presentation shows some examples on how to use the Scoreboard addon with IWB_Toolbar addon.