Managing publications

Each project included in the company content is divided into different publications, e.g. Math or Science, and their relevant units. Each unit consists of a detailed list of chapters, which are then divided into sections, e.g. individual lessons.

Company and Project admin roles are authorized to manage the specific publications. This can be done in the Projects section after choosing a relevant project, and then selecting the "Edit" icon in the upper left, and clicking on the "Units" link. In this area, you can view the entire project's structure, including its chapters and individual lessons. It is possible to:

  • add or delete units, chapters, sections
  • rename units, chapters and sections – keep it in mind that each new chapter will be named after its unit, so it is usually required to change their names accordingly
  • change rank – this option enables to change ranks of specific units, chapters and sections, which is a perfect solution for creating a lucid and organized table of contents for the entire project.

Once you have created the project's table of contents, it is required to assign specific content to a relavant publication, unit, chapter and section. In order to do that, go to the "Edit Metadata" link next to a presentation you wish to allocate, and in a drop-down menu "Publication" at the bottom select the corresponding structure. Don't forget to click "Send" to save changes. Now your presentation is placed in the structure you wished to assign it to.