Working with keyboard navigation

Keyboard navigation allows navigating between modules on the mAuthor page.

Firstly, you navigate on the header, then on the page (or pages available in the book view), and finally on the footer.

The order of navigation depends on the modules' position in the editor.

The list of the modules supported by the keyboard navigation can be found in the documentation.


  • Shift + Enter – On and off navigation
  • Tab – skip to the next module
  • Shift + Tab – skip to the previous module
  • Enter – activate module
  • Esc – deactivate module
  • Space - select item

The blue module border means that the module is selected but it is not active.

Navigation modules in footer and header are selected even when a page has been changed. It makes it easier to use navigation between pages.

To execute a button click, you don't need to activate it. Select it and just click enter. That's all.

Example scenario with the Choice module:

  • Turn on your navigation (Shift + Enter).
  • Select a proper module (Tab)

  • Activate the module (Enter).

  • The module is now listening to your key commands. For the Choice module you navigate between items using Tab. To select item use the Space key. Navigation for each module is described in a relevant documentation section.

  • Exit module (Esc).

Now you can navigate to another module.