Merging lessons

The Merge lessons functionality has replaced the previosuly available Subset of pages option. It allows creating a new lesson from a set of pages selected from a different lesson(s). What is more, the Merge lessons functionality indirectly allows multiple users to work simultaneosuly on one lesson. First they create different parts of the lesson, and then they simply merge their work in one.

To use the merge functionality, it is necessary to select the content for merge first. This can be done by selecting relevant lessons in the Projects area
Then simply check the boxes next to the pages chosen to be included in a merged lesson. Clicking on the "Select" button will add the chosen pages to the merge pool.
After selecting the first pages for merge, the content of the merge pool is displayed in the left column view. You can see the names of the lessons selected for merge as well as the numbers of pages to be added to the merged lesson.
The merge can be cancelled at any time. Choosing "Cancel" will clear the merge pool and the "Merge" section will disappear. Choosing "Merge" will create a new lesson containing the previously selected pages.

1. It is best to make sure no one is editing the lessons that have been chosen for merge until the process is completed.
2. The first lesson chosen for merge is the one which defines CSS rules and a template of a newly created lesson; template selections and CSS rules of the later selected lessons will not be taken into account.
3. You may select any page from the "Commons" section for merge with the exception of header and footer. Header and footer are automatically copied from the first selected lesson.
4. Content of chapters with the same name and the same location in the chapter hierarchy will be combined in the newly created lesson.
5. Empty chapters and chapters from which no pages are selected for merge won't be included in the newly created lesson.
6. The newly created lesson will contain all assets from all the lessons included in the merge, therefore, it is a good practice to run "More actions..." -> "Update assets" on the newly created lesson.