Template CSS classes

Each template consists of different module types. There are text modules for paragraphs or instructions, buttons such as Previous or Next page, shapes or various exercise modules like Multiple choice or Ordering.

To save your time, it is possible to define a CSS class for each type of a module individually. For instance, you can specify the font color, size and style for all text modules used as paragraph titles in a template. It can be done in "Presentation" -> "Edit CSS" section where you can name and define individual CSS classes for different module types.

The previously assigned modules are later displayed in the drop-down menu in the "Styles" section of your template and can be easily selected to give formatting to a chosen module.

It is essential to remember that in order to use the predefined CSS classes properly, they need to be appropriately named in the "Edit CSS" section. For instance, if you want to define text modules, you need to give them distinctive names in the "Edit CSS" section, e.g. text1, text2 or text_title. Otherwise, they won't be properly displayed in the drop-down menu in the "Styles" section.