Nesting of addons/modules

mAuthor enables to nest addons/modules (e.g., Audio, Media Recorder, Single State Button, Double State Button) in the modules/addons using the HTML Editor (e.g., Table, Text). In editorial practice, it often turns out that there is a need to overlay various elements that are visible to the end-user as one object. A common example of this is a table overlapped by various other elements. This raises obvious editing and maintenance problems, especially in the case of a larger number of layouts in a lesson, so instead of overlapping the addons/modules, you can simply nest them inside the main addon/module.

To nest a certain addon/module in the modules/addons using the HTML Editor:

  • go to the addon/module in which you wish to nest a certain addon/module that you have already added to the page,
  • click the Add addon button and type the ID of the addon/module you wish to nest within it, to define the relationship between the addons/modules.

The Media Recorder module nested in the Table module:

The Media Recorder module nested in the Table module with the Rendered view switched on:

Note: the nested addon/module must be positioned in the tree of modules after its parent, meaning it must be listed above it in the module list (it doesn't have to be directly above the parent, only the correct order is important).