External Platform Integration

It will soon be possible to integrate your Company Space on mAuthor with our new product – Print and Digital platform (or P&D, this is a working title). On this platform, authors will be able to create content in many forms – we call them Universal Content Objects (UCO). Among them there will be activities like Single and Multiple Choice, Ordering, Text with gaps and many more. For those activities we are creating UCO Editors that will be as simple to use and user friendly as possible. The base idea of the platform is that authors create the content here and tag it using metadata structures, and then finally export it in digital and print formats – digital means converting it automatically to mAuthor and print – to a file that can be used in popular print and layout design software. The benefits of this solution are that your content will be stored in the cloud in a digital format with the possibility to easily use it in many more ways. On the "Print & Digital" you will control access, have the possibility to collaborate and work on the same content by multiple users, authors, proofreaders etc.

If you are a Company Owner on mAuthor, you can open the "Admin Panel" menu to see the following new items:

"Print & Digital" (working title)

If you have a valid subscription to the Print & Digital product, you will be able to bind the two platforms together – simply click the "Add Print & Digital Company" and confirm the process. After being redirected back to mAuthor, you will see your company on the list and have the possibility to enable it for indexation. On the Manage Structures tab you will be able to assign structures from P&D to your projects.

"Metadata indexation".

After choosing the scope of your content – e.g. a publication, chapter, unit, lesson or even a single page on the left side from a given project or a course created in that project, it will be possible to browse P&D metadata structures on the right and select keywords to the currently selected part of the content. All changes will be saved automatically and your content will be ready to be exported to the LMS of your choice.

We will soon publish a working prototype of the Print & Digital platform to all interested parties. In the demo you will be able to create projects, content using UCO Editors and metadada structures that you may use for content indexation in mAuthor and in the future – to expand the functionality of search and reporting in mCourser.