The Page module enables to establish the global look for all pages in a presentation, including their size and background color. The width and height parameters defined in the .ic_page class determine the default width and height for all pages in a presentation. In order to change these parameters for a single page, it is necessary to enter a number value in the relevant columns of the side menu.


The list starts with the common properties, learn more about them by visiting the Modules description section. The other available properties are described below.

Property name Description
Is reportable This property indicates whether the page is to be included in a Lesson report

Supported commands

Command name Params Description
... ... ...

CSS classes

Class name Description
.ic_page indicates the look of page


width: 750px;
height: 600px;
background-image: url('/file/serve/218034');
background-color: #e4f1fb;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position: center top;