Importing InDesign XML files

mAuthor makes it possible to import content created in Adobe InDesign program.

First off, it is necessary to tag content properly in an InDesign file, then save and export the file as XML so that it can be repurposed in another application, in this case – mAuthor.

To import XML into mAuthor:
1. Go to the appropriate space/project in mAuthor.
2. Choose "Actions" > "Import InDesign XML"
3. Select and Upload XML.

Once the file is imported into mAuthor, you are able to modify its content according to your own preferences.

In the "Imported XML" space, you can view the InDesign exported content structured into a series of tagged sections. In order to modify and reuse the content, it is necessary to open it in the mAuthor editor.

First off, you drag the selected sections onto the relevant pages visible in the "New Lesson" space. To start editing the content using the mAuthor editor, click the "Open in editor" button in the upper right.

Now you can start building your mAuthor presentation based on the content created in InDesign. Each section constitutes now one separate module and it is possible to either edit all of them globally using a predefined template (Presentation > Select template), or setting CSS styles individually for each module.