mAuthor offers an internal ticket support system where users can report all issues they experience while working with mAuthor.

All tickets posted in Support are read and thoroughly analyzed by our team of developers to ensure the best possible service and assistance in problematic situations.

To post a new ticket, go to the Support section and click the "New ticket" button in the upper right. Describe your issue in the best possible way providing all the necessary details and submit it by clicking the "Send" button underneath. Once the ticket is created, you may track its status, leave comments or add attachments. The solution to your problem should come shortly from our development team and you will be notified by email every time the status of your ticket changes from "New" to "Accepted", "In development" and "Ready". When you decide that your issue has been fixed successfully, then you should close the ticket by changing its status to "Closed".

Our Support system also enables users to search and browse all tickets posted by their company members by their type and status. It can be done simply by selecting the relevant criteria and clicking on the "Filter tickets" button.