Manage access rights

The user with the role of company admin (owner) is able to create, assign, edit or remove other users' access rights. This can be done in the "Manage access rights" space.

In the "Users" section, company admin can perform three main actions on managing company space users:

  • CREATE USER – company admin can create a new user login and send an email notification to the newly created user with a prompt for password change (the system controls and notifies whether the user name already exists). Please note, that if you reached the maximum number of users in your Company creating a new user account will not be possible,

  • ASSIGN USER – company admin can assign the existing user (once created and not assigned or previously removed) to the specific project or the whole company account. Additionally, admin can select the user’s specific role from the drop-down list. Please note, that if you reached the maximum number of users in your Company assigning a new user account will not be possible,

  • MANAGE USER – the feature allows modifying all existing users' roles in one combined matrix view. Once a particular user is selected in the left column, all projects with publications (by default collapsed) and all available roles in the upper row are visible; the "Saving permissions" button is visible underneath the matrix. Manage User option also allows removing the user from the company.

In the "Roles" section, the company admin can define and modify/delete the roles assigned to particular users in the company:

It is possible to create and assign new roles which allow granting individual permissions to particular actions/areas in mAuthor, additionally to the ones already defined. In this view administrator can Edit, Remove and Add new roles.

Adding new roles

In order to create a new role, the company admin should select “Add new role” button and:

  • enter the name suitable for the new role,
  • tick the checkboxes next to the areas/actions (permissions) the new role will have access to,
  • save changes by clicking the "Add" button underneath.

A new role will appear in the list of roles and from now on it is possible to grant the new role's access permissions to newly created accounts as well as use it for editing the so far existing user accounts.


At any time, the company admin can edit or remove the existing roles. The only role which cannot be removed or edited under any circumstances is the "owner". Once the role has been edited, the changes apply to all existing accounts modifying their access rights accordingly.

Note: A role cannot be removed if one or more users have it assigned. It is necessary to cancel this role's access on all existing accounts and only then will it be possible to remove it from the "Roles" list.

In the "Projects" section, the company admin can assign and modify users' access to particular Projects with specific roles.

  • As the first step admin has to select the project from the drop-down list available at the top of the matrix (right side),
  • The list of users’ logins is available in the left column and the roles assigned to the users in the upper row,
  • Selecting relevant check-boxes will give access rights to the project. Changes should be saved by clicking on the button underneath the matrix.
  • Similar actions need to be done to remove the user from a particular project.

Note: The company owner cannot be removed from the company/organization.