Editing default TTS titles

The Text To Speech module reads aloud the titles defined for each supported module. It is possible to define default TTS titles for all modules in one place. To do this, open the lesson in the editor and access the Presentation menu. Select the WCAG option and click the "Edit default TTS titles" button. You will see the list of all the supported modules for which you can set the default TTS title. Just write it next to the appropriate module and close the window.

After using the Autofill function in the "Configuration" property of the Text To Speech module, the TTS Title will first be taken from the module's "TTS Title" property. If it is empty, it will take the title from the default TTS titles list. If it is also not defined there, it will be empty.

Please note that introducing the functionality of default titles required modification of the data structure. Thus, lessons created or edited on mAuthor since the end of March 2023 will not run on older player versions.