Math expressions

Math expressions can be entered in any text editor by using the following pattern:

  • \( expression \) - if you want to use a math expression inline
  • $$ expression $$ - if you want to use a math expression as a separate block.

Expressions are entered in the LaTeX format. If you don't know LaTeX, please refer to LaTeX math symbols or search for other websites relating to this subject.

mAuthor's presentations use MathJax to render math expressions. More information about this library is available at the website.

Math gaps:

It is also possible to use editable gap patterns inside MathJax brackets: \(MathJax Command\).

For example:

\( \frac{1}{\gap{2}} \)

will render the fraction with 1 as the nominator and an editable gap as the denominator, where the correct answer is 2.

Note: We do not recommend changing the styles classes used by MathJax module.

The examples of such classes are as follows:

You can view a short demo presentation with examples on how to form and use math expressions.