Adding template pages

The mAuthor editor allows to enrich your presentations with ready-made, editable pages chosen from a variety of different templates. Once you have selected a template that meets your requirements, you can freely manage and adjust its pages in your presentation. Each new page added to your presentation is the first page of the template by default. Then, of course, it can be freely adapted and modified to meet your preferences. To choose other template pages and add them to your presentation, go to "Page" - > "Add page from template" section, view the layouts of all available template pages and select the one that best suits your requirements. It will instantly appear in your presentation as a template page ready for editing.

It is also possible to instantly add the same page more than once. In order to do that, choose simply "Page" -> "Duplicate page" option or click the "Duplicate current page" icon in the page management bar in the upper right. Now you have two the same pages in your presentation and you can freely modify them if needed.