Autofill function (TTS)

To make it easier to add accessibility to already made lessons, the Autofill button has been added in the Configuration of the Text To Speech (TTS) module. It adds all the modules from the current page to the TTS module. The order in which modules are added depends on the modules' position on the modules list.

Only modules supported by the TTS are added to the list. You can remove some of them, add new or change their position on the list. Now all you have to do is to fill in the Title field for each module (this is the text read on selecting the module by the user during navigation on the page).

Please note that the Title will first be taken from the module's "TTS Title" property (mentioned below). If it is empty, it will take the title from the default TTS titles list. If it is also not defined there, it will be empty.

There are two properties that have been added to the modules supporting the TTS:

  • Omit in TTS – if marked, the module will be skipped when using the Autofill button available in the Configuration property of the TTS module. It is useful, e.g., if there is a module in the header that should not be included in the TTS list.
  • TTS Title – the title will be copied into the Title field for the module, listed in the Configuration property of the TTS module after using the Autofill button. It is useful, e.g., when copying the module, because this property is copied as well. If the TTS Title is changed, it will not automatically change in the TTS module. You have to click the Autofill button and since the Title field is currently not empty, there will be a popup allowing you to accept or decline the change: