Updating templates - Replacing templates

Sometimes it is necessary to modify the existing template. In such a case, a modified template has to be updated in all presentations it has been used in.

This can be done either individually for each lesson by selecting the Update-> Update template in the top-right toolbar or globally for the entire project. To use the one-click "Update templates" function, simply go to the "Manage projects" section and select the "Update templates" link visible under a relevant project. Then, it is necessary to tick the checkboxes next to the applicable publications. Templates used in all selected publications will be updated in one go.

It is also possible to set a new template for every lesson in a publication. To accomplish this, use the same "Update template" option from the "Manage projects" section, and then check the "Replace with new template" checkbox and select a new template from the dropdown menu. After confirming your selection with the "Update templates" button, the chosen template will be set for all the lessons in the selected publications.

Both updating and replacing templates will create a new version for each selected lesson.