External Link Button


The External Link Button module allows users to insert a link to an external resource that will be opened when the button is clicked.


The list starts with the common properties, learn more about them by visiting the Modules description section. The other available properties are described below.

Property name Description
Title Title displayed inside the module.
Image Image displayed inside the module.

This property allows online resources. Find out more ยป

URL Location of the external resource.
Target type By default the link will be opened in the new tab (Blank) but it is also possible to open it in the same tab (Top).

Supported commands

Command name Params Description
show --- Shows the module if it is hidden.
hide --- Hides the module if it is visible.

CSS classes

Class name Description
external-link-button-wrapper DIV surrounding the button element. The button element is a child of this element.
external-link-button-element The element's base class.
external-link-button-image Class for the image (IMG) element.
external-link-button-title Class for the text (SPAN) element.

Note: The link is an ordinary <a href=""> element and the <a> tag is located between external-link-button-wrapper and external-link-button-element layers.

Demo presentation

Demo presentation showing how to use the External Link Button module.