Model Viewer 3D


Model Viewer 3D allows for displaying 3D models.
Please note that when using a mobile device, an additional AR icon will be visible in the vicinity of the 3D model. Interacting with the icon allows switching the preview to the Augmented Reality mode (


The list starts with the common properties, learn more about them by visiting the Modules description section. The other available properties are described below.

Property name Description
Model Path to the file containing the 3D model. Supports only the glTF/GLB 3D models.
Poster Displays an image instead of the model, useful for showing the user something before the model is loaded and ready to render.
Annotations Additional text displayed in the preview.
Environment Image Controls the environmental reflection of the model. Normally, if skybox-image is set, that image will also be used for the environment-image.
Skybox Image Sets the background image of the scene. Takes a URL to an equirectangular projection image that is used for the skybox, as well as applied as an environment map on the model. Supports PNG, HDR, and JPG images.
Shadow Intensity Controls the opacity of the shadow. Setting it to 0 turns off the shadow.
Shadow Softness Controls the blurriness of the shadow. Setting it to 0 results in hard shadows. Softness should not be changed for each frame as this has a performance cost.
Auto Rotate Automatically slowly rotates the model.
Scale Sets scale of the model.
Labels Enabled on Start Labels are visible immediately after loading the model.
Alt Text Sets the alternative text for the "model-viewer" element.
Additional Attributes Additional attributes that could be set for the model (see the Additional Attributes section below). Data should be entered in JSON format.
Copyright Info This field contains information relating to copyright.
Interaction Prompt Allows disabling the visual and audible interaction prompt. If checked, the interaction prompt is set to "auto". The interaction prompt will be displayed as soon as the interaction-prompt-threshold time has elapsed (after the model is loaded). The interaction prompt will only display if camera-controls are enabled.

Supported commands

Command name Params Description
show ... Shows the module if it is hidden.
hide ... Hides the module if it is visible.
showAnnotations ... Shows annotations if they are available for the model.
hideAnnotations ... Hides annotations available for the model.
getAnnotationsVisibility ... Returns annotations visibility status of the model.
setScale number Sets the model's scale.

Additional Attributes Examples

Attribute Description
autoplay Possible values: "true", "false". When set to "true", the animation is played automatically when the page is loaded.
animation-name Changes the default animation to the specified one.
camera-orbit Sets the starting position of the camera. The properties are specified in the following order: x-axis, y-axis, and camera distance. Example value: "0deg 75deg 105%".
max-camera-orbit Sets the maximum orbital values of the camera – useful if the default 3D model values are too large/too small. Example value: "auto 360deg 120%".
camera-target Sets the starting point that the camera orbits around. The properties are specified in the following order: x-axis, y-axis, and z-axis. Example value: "1m -1m 0m".

The full list of attributes is available at

CSS classes

Class name Description
.copyMessage Sets styles for the message wrapper.
.copyMessage-visible Sets styles for the displayed message wrapper.
.buttonsContainer Sets styles for the button's container.
.labelsButton Sets styles for the button which changes the view of annotations.
.labelsButton-selected Sets styles for the clicked button which changes the view of annotations.
.copyButton Sets styles for the copy button.
.model-viewer-button Sets styles for all the buttons.

Demo presentation

Demo presentation showing how to use the Model Viewer 3D module.