Text Identification


The Text Identification module allows adding a multiple selection activity with HTML content to a presentation. Each element works as a single selection option.


The list starts with the common properties, learn more about them by visiting the Modules description section. The other available properties are described below.

Property name Description
Text This property serves for inserting HTML content to be displayed in the module.
Selection is correct This property indicates whether the selected element is correct.
On selected Event to be executed when the module is selected.
On deselected Event to be executed when the module is deselected.
Block wrong answers With this property checked, wrong answers are removed, and the "on wrong" event is sent.
Send event on select/deselect With this option marked, when the command select/deselect is run, an appropriate event is sent.
Enable scrolling on mobile Activates the scroll on mobile devices when it is required.
Speech texts List of speech texts: selected, deselected, correct, incorrect. This text will be read by the Text to Speech module after the user performs a certain action.
Lang attribute This property allows defining the language for this module (different than the language of the lesson).
Printable Allows to choose if the module should be included in the printout.
Block splitting in print If this checkbox is marked, and the "Don't randomize" or "Randomize" option is selected in the Printable property, then if the entire Text module will not fit on the printed page (Print preview), it will be moved to the next printed page.

Supported commands

Command name Params Description
select --- Select the element if not selected (not available in the error checking mode).
deselect --- Deselect the element if selected (not available in the error checking mode).
isSelected --- Returns "true" if the module is selected, otherwise "false".
markAsCorrect --- Marks the module as correct.
markAsWrong --- Marks the module as wrong.
markAsEmpty --- Marks the module as empty.
isAllOK --- Returns "true" if the element is selected correctly, otherwise "false".
show --- Shows the module if it is hidden.
hide --- Hides the module if it is visible.
disable --- Disables the module.
enable --- Enables the module.


The Text Identification module sends events to the Event Bus when the user selects it.

Field name Description
Item It is always '1'.
Value 1 for selection, 0 for deselection.
Score 1 for correct answer, 0 for wrong.

When the user selects an element properly, the module sends the 'ALL OK' event. This event is different from a normal event, so its structure is shown below.

Field name Description
Item all
Value N/A
Score N/A

CSS classes

Class name Description
text-identification-element The element's base class when it has no other state.
text-identification-element-selected Class for the selected element while not in the error checking mode.
text-identification-element-correct Class for the element (un)selected correctly while in the error checking mode.
text-identification-element-incorrect Class for the element (un)selected incorrectly while in the error checking mode.
text-identification-element-mouse-hover Class for the element if it is deselected and when it is on mouse hover.
text-identification-element-mouse-hover-selected Class for the element if it is selected and when it is on mouse hover.
text-identification-container Class for the container.
text-identification-element-show-answers Class for the element if Show Answers is active.
text-identification-element-empty Class for the empty element.

Keyboard navigation

  • Enter – select the current element

Demo presentation

Demo presentation showing how to use the Text Identification module.