Managing metadata

Each lesson may contain a set of metadata information that can be used for searching. To edit the lesson metadata, simply choose the "Edit Metadata" option in the right-side menu.

Each lesson can contain the following metadata:

  • title
  • tags (comma separated)
  • short description
  • long description
  • passing score (used in SCORM 2004 packages only)

It is also possible to define metadata on a page level. To do that, go to "Edit Metadata" and tick the "Enable page metadata" option underneath. This will enable a new option in the lesson's right-side menu – "Edit page metadata". Page metadata editor consists of two parts:

  • on the right side, you can preview the lesson itself
  • on the left side, you can edit the metadata for the currently visible page

Both lesson and page metadata sets can be extended with custom fields. Please see the extended metadata chapter.