Managing metadata

Each lesson may contain a set of metadata information that can be used for searching. To edit the lesson's metadata, simply select this lesson and click the pencil icon available in its Metadata section located in the Details tab.

Each lesson may contain the following default metadata:

  • title,
  • tags (comma separated),
  • short description,
  • long description.

It is also possible to define metadata on a page level. To do that, select the lesson and in its Properties in the Details tab, click the pencil icon and tick the "Pages metadata enabled" checkbox. This will add a new section in the lesson's right-side menu – "Pages metadata". Click the pencil icon in that section to edit the metadata for each page and on the left side, you can use the "Preview" option to see the required page.

Both lesson and page metadata sets can be extended with custom fields. Please see the extended metadata chapter.

Apart from the metadata for the lesson and page, it is possible to define metadata for the modules and assets.

To enable adding metadata for modules, the company or project admin first needs to define it for the chosen publication by going to the "Manage projects" section and clicking the "Define modules metadata" link associated with a certain publication. There they can add the text and/or the select metadata type. This allows the authors to define the added metadata in the editor by selecting a module on the page and clicking the "Metadata" tab in the Properties section in the right-side menu.

To define the metadata for the assets, go to the Asset repository, select an asset and click the pencil icon located in its Metadata section. Don't forget to click the disc icon to save your changes.