Header and Footer

In mAuthor, there is the possibility of adding the header and footer option to the presentation pages. This function enables inserting, e.g. the same lesson title and navigation bar only once and then have them ready on all presentation pages.

In addition, the header and footer option allows displaying individual pages of a presentation without showing their navigation elements. This feature is very helpful especially in eLearning Platforms as it allows using single presentation pages when needed, without all the navigation buttons and page numbers.

It is also possible to define multiple headers and footers for a lesson and select them individually for specific pages. All headers and footers should be placed in the Commons tab and their page names need to start with either "header" or "footer" followed by any character.
The uppermost header or footer in the Commons tab with the name "header"/"footer" with no additional characters will be treated as the default one for the presentation. There is also the possibility of not showing the header or footer at all. This can be done by selecting the "None" option.