Version control

mAuthor offers a version control function that serves as a backup system for presentation content. Each time a user opens the editor, a new presentation version is created. If the user closes the editor without saving, the version will not be saved. To view the created versions, simply select the History option in the Lesson details section on the right.

The History option enables viewing the history of all previously created versions. If it is necessary to go to another version (e.g. a page has been somehow lost in the latest version), simply choose another version as a current one. Re-entering the editor will then open the selected version as the current one.

The "Abandon all changes" option

At any time, it is possible to erase all changes implemented in the editor during the current session and restore the previously created version of the presentation. Clicking on the Abandon all changes button in the upper-right corner of the editor screen will automatically close the editor and restore the previous version of the presentation. Re-entering the editor will now open the previously created version as the current one.