The Image module enables to insert an image into a presentation. It is possible to determine the look of the Image module's frame.

Note: To display .svg files in Internet Explorer browsers correctly, you have to add to <svg> tag the following parameter: viewBox="0 0 WIDTH HEIGHT".
For example: <svg width="800" height="400" viewBox="0 0 800 400" ...
You can edit .svg files in any text editor.
To embed an SVG image, it is recommended using the SVG addon.


Property name Description
Image This property enables to insert an image into the module.

This property allows online resources. Find out more ยป

Mode This property enables to select the mode in which the image should be displayed (keep aspect, stretch and original size)
Animated gif refresh If selected, animated gifs will always be refreshed after page loading
Alternative text This property enables to define a text description that will be added to an image's HTML tag

CSS classes

Class name Description
.ic_image indicates the module that serves for inserting an image


border: 2px solid #02789f;
border-radius: 3px;
padding: 4px;
box-shadow: 1px 2px 3px #406d93;