Points To Plot


The addon is the expansion of the Plot addon and it allows defining the points or the number of points to be selected in the Plot activity. In order to configure the connection properly, it is necessary to enter the ID of the Points To Plot addon in the Broadcast property and check the „Not activity” box.


The list starts with the common properties, learn more about them by visiting the Modules description section. The other available properties are described below.

Property name Description
Source The base Plot addon which the Points To Plot addon is communicating with
Points to plot Connecting the points with plots
Points to plot/plot id The plot’s ID in the Plot addon
Points to plot/points Defines the numer of points to be selected in a plot
Points to plot/strict points Defines the points to be selected in a plot, e.g. (1,1), (0,0), (-1,1)
Show answers Defines the points to be displayed in the show answers and gradual show answers modes, e.g. (1,1), (0,0), (-1,1)


Addon sends ValueChanged type events to Event Bus as follows:

Field name Description
when a point is selected
Item point_X_Y; point with coordinates X and Y
Value 1
Score 1 when correct (point belongs to any plot), 0 when incorrect
when a point is deselected
Item point_X_Y; point with coordinates X and Y
Value 0
Score 0
when the points and a plot are correct (individually for each plot when a point is selected/deselectd)
Item plot_plotId
Value N/A
Score 1 when correct, 0 when incorrect

If you are using Advanced Connector, please note that due to the Regular Expression syntax, which has special meaning for "-" and "." characters, you need to escape them with backshlash, e.g. point_-5.2_4.5

The „All OK” event is sent when all answers given in a Plot activity are 100% correct.

Field name Description
Item all
Value N/A
Score N/A

Demo presentation

Demo presentation contains examples of how to use the Plot addon and integrate it with other addons, e.g. Slider, buttons.