Single State Button


Single State Button allows users to perform different actions in presentations, such as changing other addons' states when the button is clicked.


Property name Description
Title Title displayed inside the addon
Image Image displayed inside the addon.

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onClick Event which will be triggered when a user presses the button
Disable Disable button. No events will be triggered when selected.

Supported commands

Command name Params Description
show --- Shows the addon
hide --- Hides the addon
enable --- Changing state to enable
disable --- Changing state to disable


Single State Button addon sends ValueChanged type events to Event Bus when either user selects it.

Field name Description
Item N/A
Value Always '1'
Score N/A

CSS classes

Class name Description
singlestate-button-wrapper DIV surrounding the button element. Button element is a direct child of this element
singlestate-button-element Element's base class
doublestate-button-image Class for image (IMG) element
doublestate-button-title Class for text (SPAN) element
disable Additional class for singlestate-button-element when the button is disabled.

Demo presentation

Demo presentation contains examples of how to use the Single State Button addon.

Demo disable property contains examples of the disable property.