Sorting the modules

The order of modules in the keyboard navigation mode depends on the order of modules on the modules list. Moreover, the Autofill function in the Text to Speech module is easier to use if the modules are already in the correct order on a page.

We have added a button that sorts the modules automatically based on their position on a page. The modules are sorted from top to bottom. If two or more modules have the same top property, they are sorted from left to right or from right to left according to the selected option in the Preferences of the Presentation menu. If modules are combined into a group, which has the "Group modules in a div container" property set to "true", then modules that are part of the group are treated as one inseparable object when sorting against other modules. Modules in such a group are sorted relative to each other.

To sort the modules automatically, you only need to click the Sort modules button next to the Modules list.