Creating a new presentation

Creating a new lesson in mAuthor is a very simple and intuitive process. It may be done either in the Dashboard from the Create New Lesson start card or in the My Lessons and Projects section by selecting the + icon located in the upper right toolbar. Then simply fill in the lesson's metadata such as title, tags, and description. This information can be later used to easily find this particular presentation and distinguish it from others.

Warning: Lessons should not have more than 100 pages and their resources (mainly video files) should not exceed 0,5 GB, otherwise there might be problems with editing or exporting the lesson. It is generally recommended to create smaller lessons as they are easier to download for offline work and the LMS operation.

Main reasons for creating lessons with fewer pages:

  1. A large number of pages makes it difficult for users to navigate through the lesson’s material.
  2. A lesson with many pages generates an extensive status file with all results and user-entered data, which makes the lesson work more slowly when the status is loaded each time the lesson is opened and closed.
  3. Some LMS platforms may not accept a large lesson status. The SCORM standard imposes a limit on its size.
  4. A large lesson is difficult to download for offline work and sync the status between an online and offline version.
  5. An extensive number of pages within the lesson may cause problems when opening it in the editor because at this time its copy is being made on servers.
  6. A large lesson makes it difficult for users to build Collections or make assignments. In such a case it is usually required to create an assignment only from selected pages.
  7. It is recommended that the lesson corresponds to one user session while working with the material.