Content localisation

Content localisation is a complex process involving product translation and cultural adaptation for specific countries, regions or groups.

mAuthor offers special features that facilitate the entire operation and allow users to complete the language localisation in an easy and intuitive way. It is possible to perform the localisation process either externally using a relevant CAT tool or internally via the mAuthor's localisation editor.

To prepare content for the external localisation process, e.g. in SDL Trados translation editor, it is enough to export the lesson's language content to an XML file and then import this file to Trados. It can be done by following the consecutive steps:

  • choose the relevant lesson located in one of the projects in mAuthor.
  • select the "Export to XLIFF" option from the "More actions..." section.
  • select the target language for exporting the XLIFF file.
  • download the XLIFF file by clicking on the link in the notification email.

The mAuthor's advanced yet easy to use localisation editor enables users to localise the content without the need of exporting it to any external CAT tool. The editor is fitted with multiple functions that aid the entire localization process and enable its successful completion within mAuthor.

To start the localisation process, follow the steps below:

  • choose the relevant lesson in mAuthor and select the "Start localisation" option in the "More actions..." drop-down menu.
  • select or create a publication where the localisation process is to be performed.
  • you will receive an email notification when the lesson for localisation is created. The copy of the lesson will appear in the publication's list with the changed name beginning with "Localized for...".
  • click on the "Localise" link in the right-side menu.

Clicking on the "Localise" link will open the localisation editor.

Note: Options related to the localisation process are available in the "More actions..." menu ONLY for lessons located in one of the projects. Lessons in "My Lessons" area do not offer this option.