Relative layouts

It is possible to place modules and addons in relative positions against the page or other modules. By default, modules and addons are placed relatively against upper left corner of the page (top and left properties) and their width and height are defined in the properties.

There are seven properties that enable to set the position and size of a module:

  • layout
  • top
  • left
  • right
  • bottom
  • width
  • height


This option allows specifying whether a module is to be placed relatively to another element. It can be defined for top, left, right and bottom. Drop-down lists enable selecting the element the position is relative to. It can be either a page or another module.

By default, all modules are placed relatively to top left corner of a page and the width and height properties are used for sizing.

If module A is placed relatively to module B, module B must be loaded before module A (must be placed lower on the modules list).

Size relative to a page

In some cases, it is useful to set the size of a module relative to the page size. For example, with no page size provided a header and a footer have a 100% width in a double page view. In that case, modules placed on this page should act accordingly and scale relatively to the page size. To achieve this, it is enough to open the "Layout" dialog box, tick all checkboxes and then select from the drop-down menu the name of a page the modules are to be scaled against. In this case setting the module's width and height will have no effect.

Modules in the bottom right corner

In order to place a module in the bottom right corner, it is necessary to open the "Layout" dialog box, tick the right and bottom checkboxes and select a relevant page name from the corresponding drop-down list.