Making a backup copy allows to secure the project content in a form of xml files, which contain the entire project structure. They are often a sufficient mAuthor's backup as all the resources are stored on the server. Of course, there is also the possibility of downloading zip files containing each lesson's xml structure together with all its resources.

A backup copy can be made by a company admin in the "Manage projects" section. To do that, simply select the "Backup" option visible below a relevant project name. Then select the SCORM version (2004 or 1.2) you'd like to use and check the suitable boxes next to the publications/lessons you wish to make copies of. Please note that after checking the "Backup resources" option alone, you will copy only the general xml structure of a given project. To include a copy of the resources, you have to tick the checkbox(es) next to the required lesson name(s).

The whole process is being done in the background, and you will receive a notification email when a backup copy is created and ready to download. By clicking on the link provided in a notification email, you will save the zipped XML files to a convenient place on your computer. Then, in order to restore a lost project, it is enough to select the "Restore project" option, choose an appropriate file on your computer, and click the "Upload" button. The project will appear in the Projects list as 'Restored: project name'. Please remember that clicking the "Restore project" option will restore only the general xml structure of a required project. If you wish to restore a particular lesson, you have to do it by clicking the "Import" button on the Project page.

To make a backup copy of one specific lesson alone, you can always do it on a Project page by selecting the "Export" and choosing the "HTML5", "xAPI", "SCORM 2004" or "SCORM 1.2" option.

Keep it in mind that there are no default backups made on mAuthor so all users are encouraged to make their own copies if they wish to secure the content.