Managing workflow (Kanban)

mAuthor offers an advanced scheduling system – Kanban. It is an effective tool that supports the entire process management and helps running individual project steps.

A Company admin is entitled to manage Kanban states for all company projects. It can be done in the "Company admin" -> "Manage lesson state sets" section.

In this area, you can add new sets as well as define their specific states together with the percentage of workload completion during each stage.

First off, choose a name for a set of stages and save it by clicking on the “Add set” button. Then you can define particular stages, just type in the state name, assign its percentage value, e.g. 10 and click on the “Add state” button.

In order to assign a created set of stages to a particular publication, select the "Edit" button in the Publications area, choose the "Select states set" option, and pick a relevant, previously defined set.

Having done that, go back to the Project section and select the "Actions" -> "Show Kanban" option. In this area, you can change individual lessons stages upon their completion. Clicking on the blue arrow next to a presentation name will move this particular presentation to the next stage defined in Kanban.