Defining the module's size and position

All modules are editable and movable. A module's size can be changed by either typing the numerical values in the "Properties" box in the upper-right corner, or clicking the "cricle" selector to minimize or maximize its format. By clicking the selector and the shift keyboard at the same time, you may change the module's size proportionally on all sides. The module’s position can also be changed manually by marking its frame and moving it to the required area.

While selecting a group of objects, there is a selection frame showing up, which indicates the area of the chosen modules. In case of moving a group of objects, it is then enough to click on the selection frame and move the whole group to the required location.
While moving a module or changing its size, there are selection coordinates displayed in the following format: (left, up) (right, down). Thanks to this function, there is no need to calculate the location of the right and bottom sides of the module.